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Entrustment and registration system of government-supported research results
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Entrustment and registration system of government-supported research results

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Special banks
Classification Special banks Organization Homepage Contact
Microbes Center for Fungal Genetic Resources Seoul National Univ. http://genebank.snu.ac.kr +82-51-623-8293
Microbes Waterborne Virus Bank The Catholic University of Korea http://www.wava.or.kr +82-2-2258-7348
Microbes Bacteriophage Bank Hankuk University of Foreign Studies http://www.phagebank.or.kr +82-31-330-4550
Microbes Culture Collection of Mushrooms Incheon National Univ. http://knrrb.knrrc.or.kr +82-32-835-8242
Microbes Korea Bank for Pathogenic Viruses Korea Univ. http://kbpv.knrrc.or.kr +82-2-2286-1338
Microbes Plant Virus GenBank Seoul Womens Univ. http://www.virusbank.org +82-2-970-5618
Microbes Myxobacteriales Bank Hoseo Univ. http://www.myxobank.or.kr +82-41-540-5627
Microbes Korea Lichen & Alled Bioresource Center Sunchon National Univ. http://kolabic.knrrc.or.kr +82-61-750-3901
Microbes Korea Collection for Oral Microbiology Chosun Univ. http://www.chdc-kcom.co.kr +82-62-230-6877
Microbes Korea Microalgal Bank Pukyong National Univ. http://www.kmmcc.re.kr +82-51-623-8293
Microbes Culture Collection of Antimicrobial Resistant Microbes Seoul Womens Univ. http://www.ccarm.or.kr +82-2-970-7724
Microbes Helicobacter pylori Korean Type Culture Collection Gyeongsang National Univ. http://hpktcc.knrrc.or.kr +82-55-772-8080
Microbes Environmental Microorganisms Bank Kyonggi Univ. http://www.kbem.or.kr +82-31-249-9568
Microbes Rare Misuse Microbe Extraction Bank Myongji Univ. http://www.ecum.or.kr +82-31-336-2003
Microbes Meta Genome Material Bank Sungkyunkwan Univ.
Animals Parasite Resource Bank Chungbuk National Univ. http://www.parasite-bank.or.kr +82-43-261-2849
Animals Aging Tissue Bank Pusan National Univ. http://aging.pharm.pusan.ac.kr +82-51-510-2814
Animals Animal Bio Resources Bank Gyeongsang National Univ. http://www.abrb.or.kr +82-55-772-2346
Animals Bovine Bank Yeongnam Univ. http://bgrb.knrrc.or.kr +82-53-810-3589
Animals Arthopods of Medical Importance Resource Bank Yonsei Univ. http://amib.knrrc.or.kr +82-2-2228-1851(~2)
Animals Zebrafish Resource Bank Kyungpook National Univ. http://zomb.knu.ac.kr +82-53-950-5387
Animals Annelida Resource Bank Chung-ang Univ.
Plants Tengerine Gene Resource Bank Jeju National Univ. http://citrus.cheju.ac.kr +82-64-724-0706
Plants Arabidopsis Oxidosqualene Cyclase Gene and their mutants Oxidosqualene Cyclases Department of Biological Sciences, KAIST http://bio.kaist.ac.kr +82-42-350-2602(~6)
Plants Medicinal Plant Resources Bank Gachon Univ. http://plant.kyungwon.ac.kr +82-31-750-8739
Plants Ginseng Bank Kyunghee Univ. http://gb.knrrc.or.kr +82-31-201-3244
Plants Natural Drug Standardization Material Bank Wonkwang Univ. http://www.nprnd.or.kr +82-63-850-6823
Plants Potato Resources Bank Kangwon National Univ. http://www.potatobank.com +82-33-250-6474
Plants Plant DNA Bank in Korea Korea Univ. http://www.kmmcc.re.kr +82-2-3290-3454
Plants Enterotropic Material Bank Daegu Haany Univ. http://knrrb.knrrc.or.kr +82-53-819-1228
Plants Animal Bio Resources Bank Chosun Univ.
Human biological materials Liver Cancer Specimen Bank Yonsei Univ. http://lcsb.knrrc.or.kr +82-2-2228-1785
Human biological materials Korea Lung Tissue Bank Korea Univ. http://www.korealtb.org +82-2-851-6240
Human biological materials Korea Prostate Bank The Catholic University of Korea http://www.prostatebank.or.kr +82-2-2258-7637
Human biological materials The Korean Leukemia Cell & Gene Bank The Catholic University of Korea http://www.klcgb.or.kr +82-2-2258-7478(7030)
Human biological materials The Korea Leukemia Bank Yonsei Univ. http://kgcb.or.kr +82-2-2019-5348
Human biological materials Korean Cell Line Bank Seoul National Univ. http://cellbank.snu.ac.kr +82-2-3668-7915
Human biological materials Human Serum Bank Chung-ang Univ. http://hsb.knrrc.or.kr +82-2-6299-2738
Human biological materials Korean Eye Tissue and Gene Related Blindness Bank The Catholic University of Korea
Convergent materials Bank for Polymer Pro-drug Precursor Kyunghee Univ. http://bppp.knrrc.or.kr +82-2-961-2275
Convergent materials Crystal Bank Pusan National Univ. http://www.crystalbank.com +82-55-350-5838
Convergent materials Bank of Modified Nucleic Acid Systems Pohang University of Science and Technology http://bmnas.knrrc.or.kr +82-54-279-5856
Convergent materials Industrial Mineral Bank Kangwon National Univ. http://www.kimb.or.kr +82-55-772-0985
Convergent materials Bank of Color Tunable Micropariticles Seoul National Univ. http://binel.snu.ac.kr +82-2-880-1737
Convergent materials Sphingolipid Bank Seoul National Univ. http://www.snupharm.ac.kr/shkim +82-2-880-2487(~8, 5681)
Convergent materials Peptide Library Support Center Pohang University of Science and Technology http://www.plsf.or.kr
Convergent materials Phosphor Bank Pukyong National Univ.