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Research results Entrustment and registration system

  • What is the system for entrusting compounds obtained as research results?
  • It refers to a system
    making it obligatory to have compounds (low molecular weight organic compounds and single-ingredient natural products) obtained through state-
    run R&D projects entrusted to a designated institution. The compounds are systematically preserved and managed at the said institution and
    provided to researchers developing new drugs at businesses, universities, and research institutes.

  • How and where are compounds obtained as research results entrusted?
  • The KRICT (KCB) is designated as
    an institution dedicated to management and distribution of compounds obtained as research results (MISP Notice No. 2013-128). Please contact us
    and we can send you a container (vial or rack) for storing compounds. Upon your entrustment of compounds, we issue you a compound receipt for
    your use in project evaluation or submittal of relevant reports.

  • How much of a compound and what type of compound should be entrusted?
  • Please entrust compounds with
    molecular weight of 100-1,000 with high potential for development as new drugs.
    We prefer to receive compounds with 90% or more in purity and 10mg or more in amount. As for natural products, we receive only single-isolated

  • How are entrusted compounds utilized?
  • We check the purity and molecular weight of entrusted compounds
    and then store them at a low-temperature (- 5℃). Upon a request from a biological activity testing institution, they are used for exploration
    of new drug-related research through HTS on specified targets or exploration of tool chemicals in bio research.

  • What benefits are given to entrustors?
  • Entrusted compounds are systematically managed by KCB and
    anyone in the country can use them. When an entrusted compound displays activity in a drug biological activity test, the entrustor may take
    part in ensuing research through an arrangement made with the user or share relevant proceeds (if applicable).

  • How do we use compounds kept by KCB?
  • Please submit a biological activity test application to KCB.
    Then, we provide the compound to you if it does not overlaps one of the ongoing tests.

  • Can we carry out a biological activity test by selecting compounds with the specified skeleton?
  • Yes,
    you can. If a biological activity testing institution submit an application, specifying the skeleton it is interested in, it can carry out a
    test by selecting only the relevant compounds.

  • Does KCB synthesize compounds or carry out a biological activity test itself?
  • No, we don’t. The role
    played by us is to link an entrusting institution with a biological activity testing institution by providing entrusted compounds to a testing
    institution after storing them systematically. We may purchase chemical derivatives and provide them to a testing institution if necessary in
    the course of hit evaluation.

  • What do you do when an application for a biological activity test is submitted for the same target as in the
    ongoing biological activity test?
  • In such a case, we refuse to provide the compound in question to protect the rights of the
    institution that started the drug efficacy test first. However, we may provide the compound in question in special cases, when it is highly
    likely that different hits will occur due to the difference in the compounds provided for the test or the use of different test methods.

  • What will happen when an active substance is obtained as a result of the use of compounds?
  • When an
    early hit is obtained as a result of a biological activity test, validity evaluation study can be carried out, which will not last for more
    than six months. When it is deemed that the valid substance is worth developing (final hit), the testing institution and KCB sign an agreement
    for joint research and proceed with the development research, with the testing institution playing a leading role. If the testing institution
    insists, it may proceed with the development alone after paying the expense for using the compound to KCB.