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한국화합물은행 제공 Library 종류
라이브러리 종류 테이블
Representative Library A library for primary test that can represent the 430,000 compounds owned by KCB
Going through the process of selection associated with druggability and medicinal chemistry, with consideration given to skeletal diversity and representativeness
LC/MS-based verification of molecular weight and purity
Kinase Library Composed of compounds likely to combine with Kinase target active sites selected from KCB-owned entire library and purchasable library through the application of molecular modeling (docking) method
Clinical Compounds Library Compounds used in Clinical I-III phases and drugs whose commercial sales have been approved
Establishment of a clinical collection by reviewing structural overlapping (NIH Clinical Collection, Microsource Spectrum Collection, Prestwick Chemical Library®, Aldrich LOPAC1280 Navigator, etc.)
Fragment Library A library established through the application of the same selection process as that for the Representative Library among compounds with 300 or less in molecular weight
Natural Products Library A library of terpenes, flavonoids, stilbenes, alkaloids, lignans and saponins; isolated natural plant ingredients separated and purified from 100-plus types of plants while carrying out research projects over the past few years at the KRICT
GPCR & PPI Library 10,000 compounds purchased selectively from the library sold by ChemDiv They will be available in 2015
They will be available in 2015
PharmaCore Collection A library of compounds selected independently upon the request of testing institutions
Compounds selected based on the molecular modeling method or compounds with specified skeletons. It requires separate consultation.