Entrustment procedure
Compounds for entrustment

Compounds synthesized by means of organic synthesis or combinational synthesis and isolated natural products or with molecular weight of 1000 or less

  • Compounds by organic synthesis
  • Compounds by combinatorial synthesis
  • Peptide, carbohydrates, and Nucleoside derivatives
  • Isolated natural products
General requirement of compounds for entrustment
  • Amount: 10mg or so per compound
  • Chemical purity: 85% or higher
  • Information to be provided when entrusting
    - Entrustor’s name, chemical structure, date of synthesis, names of compounds, amount, target class, patent application or inclusion in thesis, relevant national project information (if applicable), etc.
    - Structural file, using ISISDraw, ChemDraw, etc. or DB, sdf file, using ISISBase, ChemFinder, etc.
기탁 화합물 필수 정보

<Information to be provided concerning entrusted compounds>

Compounds not suitable for entrustment
  • Those already owned by KCB
  • Lethally toxic compounds unsuitable to store or manage
  • Inorganic compounds or detergents
  • Explosive compounds
  • Strong acid or base
  • Compounds unstable in water (Acid halides, sulfonyl chlorides, DMSO-reactive compounds etc.)
  • Others deemed to be unsuitable for our management and use
Entrustment timing
  • At any time
Entrustment method
  • Please contact public relations team.
    - Tel:+82-42-860-7190
    - Fax:+82-42-860-7096
    - E-mail: chembank@krict.re.kr
    - Homepage: http://www.chembank.org
    - Address: 141 Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34114 Korea