Status of collected compounds in KCB
Status of compounds secured for new drug development

430,000-plus (as of 2016) compounds for new drug development collected both domestically and abroad


  • Mostly composed of good-quality synthetic compounds obtained from the new drug development process
  • Composed of biologically-relavent organic compounds, compounds by combinational synthesis, and single-component natural products
  • Entrustment of synthetic compounds, contract synthesis by domestic experts, and procurement of special skeleton compound purchased from international vendors
화합물 확보개수 연도별 누적 현황표

<Accumulated status of compounds secured>

화합물 기탁기관별 분포 현황표

<Status of distribution of compounds by entrusting institutions>

Drug-likeness and Physicochemical profiles of KCB compounds

보유 화합물의 Drug-likeness 및 Physicochemical profiles 백분율 도표