• Korea Chemical Bank
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
Collecting compounds
Support for use of compounds in HTS
Establishment of an information system

System for entrustment and registration of research results

Establishment of an information system
KCB Information Management System(KIMS)

한국화합물은행 종합정보관리시스템(KIMS)_bg


KCB Information Management System

Compound Information
Management System
  • Compound information and profiling
  • Valid material evaluation data management
Plate Information
Management System
  • Management of compounds for biological activity tests taken out of KCB
  • 2D barcode-based compound check-in and inventory management
HTS Audit
Management System
  • Management of biological activity test-related contracts
  • Biological activity test process and information management
Web-based integrated information system

Integrated Structure-Activity Information System

Compound druggability information

  • Establishment of an integrated information system on chemical structure-activity and provision of information
화합물 약물성 정보

Biological activity profile prediction

  • Analysis of tens of millions cases of information for their use and processing in chemoinformatics based on the accumulated results of biological activity tests by targets and compounds
화합물 활성 프로파일 예측