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Collecting compounds
Support for use of compounds in HTS
Establishment of an information system

System for entrustment and registration of research results

Support for use of compounds in HTS

1.The 200,000-400,000 compounds provided by us every year to businesses, universities, and research institutes, used in 80-100 research projects (40-60 new targets). They have been used in drug efficacy retrieval concerning more than 670 cases of diverse sites of action. Basically, we provide purity and molecular weight verification based on LC-MS analysis, along with relevant information (i.e. information on derivatives, druggability prediction, and off-target) when providing information on the structure of hit compound.

2.In 2014, we installed Automated Equipment (Brooks. Sample Store Ⅱ). It enables us to drastically improve the speed of taking compounds out of KCB (automated cherry-picking of 1,200 types per hour) and provide compounds to testing institutions more efficiently.

Status of compounds taken out of KCB

(Cases of new sites of action: 33 between 11/1/2014 and 3/31/2015)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Ordinary items taken out 325,292 192,079 406,718 458,369 112,015
For active confirmation 1,942 3,055 2,743 6,850 1,312
Derivatives of active compounds 3,740 3,131 3,554 10,887 1,124
For Hit confirmation 93 264 80 132 61
Derivatives of hit compounds 1,762 3,023 1,090 4,439 1,447
Total number of compounds taken out of KCB 332,829 201,552 414,185 480,677 115,959
HIT selection 353 412 293 131* 49
A total of 410,000-plus compounds on 295 occasions in 2014 (i.e. 1,600/day on average)
- 85 cases of derivative search by visiting (Medicinal Chemistry) (i.e. 2 cases/week on average)
- Provision of active compound-related LC-MS analysis report (molecular weight and purity verification)
- An increased number of hits (0.2%→10%) in the case of provision of professional support   (chemoinformatics and molecular modeling)
- Reduction of the selection of unnecessary Hit through provision of relevant information and pre-discussion   from the active stage
Value of compounds provided by KCB
Provision of 410,000 compounds to businesses, universities, and research institutes in 2014
- Price set by a foreign supplier (e.g. ChemDiv): $36 (=40,000 won)/ea
- 410,000 compounds x 40,000 won = 16.4 billion won worth if imported