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Collecting compounds
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Collecting compounds
Striving to secure a wider variety of compounds to be used for new drug discovery

We are looking for a wider variety of methods of collection of compounds, including 1) research result entrustment, 2) entrustment of synthetic compounds from Bio & Drug Discovery Division of the KRICT, 3) contract synthesis by domestic experts, 4) purchase of unique scaffold compounds from foreign countries, in an effort to enhance the quality of chemical library featuring diversity, druggability, and specificity.

1. Entrustment of research results (mandatory)

Compounds synthesized through state R&D projects are required to be entrusted to the KRICT (KCB) designated for management and distribution of chemical research results under the Rules Pertaining to Management, etc. of State R&D Projects, Article 25 (13).

2. Entrustment of compounds from Bio & Drug Discovery Division of the KRICT

All compounds obtained from new drug development research programs carried out by Bio & Drug Discovery Division of the KRICT are entrusted to KCB.

3. Contract synthesis by domestic experts

We entrust chemical synthesis to domestic experts by selecting necessary programs to expand the diversity of chemical library, with priority placed on organic synthesis featuring druggability and diversity, on the focused library for specified targets. We also encourage synthesis of single-ingredient natural products or their analogues.

4. Purchase of unique compounds from international vendors

We purchase specific scaffold compounds with the focus on druggability and diversity based on chemoinformatics and molecular modeling technology to secure chemical diversity more efficiently, when it is difficult to secure a sufficient amount through entrustment.

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